Code Of Ethics

Sl. No. DO’s DON'Ts
1 Manage conflicts of interest Don’t offer or accept gifts in exchange for improper business advantage.
2 Comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of the land as well as internal policies and procedures of AFAI Don’t engage in bribery.
3 Secure confidential information and maintain confidentiality of all stakeholders. Don’t discriminate or harass and avoid unethical behavior
4 Promote responsible banking behavior and ethical standards Don’t tolerate malpractice and carelessness
5 Respect rules on insider trading Don’t engage in unlawful or fraudulent practices.
6 Comply with IPR rules & regulations
7 Respect trade & commerce regulations
8 Respect the privacy of employees, partners and customers
9 Comply with competition laws to regulate business practices
10 Exhibit mutual respect and camaraderie
11 Quest for excellence and adoption of best practices in the industry

Government Letters/Notices

Sl. No. DO’s DON'Ts
1 Sharp eye on legal compliances Casual approach towards compliances
2 Cautious approach on Government Letters/Notices Don’t engage with antinational forces and organization.
3 Immediate escalation of show cause notices with first draft reply to legal No delayed response to Government Letters/Notices.
4 Fast retrieval of information and details Take improper means to meet short term gains.
5 Stakeholders' involvement / engagement Respond without stakeholder's involvement / inputs
6 Engage with Governmental authority for AFAI cause and objectives Share un-authentic / non-verified facts / details.

Contact your AFAI Compliance Officer, Chapter Leader or HR Representative and report misconduct, if you believe the Code of Ethics is violated. For further details:


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