Our Committees

Policy Advocacy Committee:

This committee is formed to identify business opportunities for members and identify the entry barriers that exist today in the industry and work in a coordinated and systematic manner to ease out those norms to create a level playing field and help members in pursuing such business opportunities through mutual cooperation and collaboration.

Capacity Building Committee:

The committee is formed to identify potential issues and subjects that has an implication to members business growth and professional advancement , organize virtual workshops and physical events to reach out to the important dignitaries and eminent persons on the subject and create a communication channel for knowledge sharing and branding for AFAI and its members.

Ethics Committee:

The committee is formed to devise the ethical standards and practice for AFAI as an organization and for the members of AFAI as a benchmark for the community. The committee to monitor day to day affairs , and periodically review and keep the ethical standards at highest point in position in the functioning and delivery of service to all stakeholders.

Membership Affairs Committee:

This committee is formed to identify potential members from financial sector and management background both salaried and independent practitioners or corporate entities in every district in 28 states and 9 Union Territories, convince them to join AFAI and help build the AFAI network in India and abroad. The idea is to build the single largest network of financial and management professionals in India to build resource for every member and help develop their business at local and national level.

Institutional Development & Alliances:

The committee is formed to develop the infrastructure of AFAI and its activities to develop AFAI as a platform of excellence for all its stakeholders . The committee to identify opportunities of alliance both domestically and internally to enter into alliances that has meaningful consequence for its members , organization and the nation.