About Us

The Association of Financial Advisors of India (AFAI), promoted by eminent financial experts and industry leaders of India who have joined hands together to establish a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience for the benefit and betterment of all its stakeholders. This strong intelligentsia group constituted from diverse segments of the financing profession will pledge to standardize the service delivery mechanism to rebuild the funding and enterprise architecture so as to bring in discipline and ethical practices for all the stakeholders of the industry namely the entrepreneurs, lenders, borrowers, regulators, policymakers, and the Governments of respective states and center.

Our Mission & Vision

To help connect
financial Advisors and industry professionals

Provide 360-degree financial and management support to entrepreneurs and businesses from Pan India, by a team of competent local and international professionals, to help build globally competitive and sustainable businesses.

Establish A Transparent Funding Architecture For India & its Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

Core Values

Promote a culture of entrepreneurship based on Trust, Transparency, Teamwork , Technology & Transformation .

Who We Are

A profound group of competent industry leaders and financial experts dedicated to building a growth-oriented ecosystem for nationwide financial professionals.

Jyoti Prakash Gadia


Rajesh Sheshmal Kothari

Joint President

Mehmood Khan

Sr. Vice President

Ashok Mishra

General Secretary

Mihir Kumar Sahu

Vice President

Ashwin Pranlal Mehta

Chairman - Ethics Committee

Rajesh Mittal

Co-Chairman - Ethics Committee

Ranjit Khattar

Chairman - Institutional Development & Alliances

Executive Committee Members

Central Secretariat

L. Vikram Kumar

Member - Executive Committee

Rajesh Sureka

Member - Executive Committee

Guru Prasad Choudhury

Director General

Our committees

Policy Advocacy Committee:

This committee is formed to identify business opportunities for members and identify the entry barriers that exist today in the industry and work in a coordinated and systematic manner to ease out those norms to create a level playing field and help members in pursuing such business opportunities through mutual cooperation and collaboration.

Capacity Building Committee:

The committee is formed to identify potential issues and subjects that has an implication to members business growth and professional advancement , organize virtual workshops and physical events to reach out to the important dignitaries and eminent persons on the subject and create a communication channel for knowledge sharing and branding for AFAI and its members.

Ethics Committee:

The committee is formed to devise the ethical standards and practice for AFAI as an organization and for the members of AFAI as a benchmark for the community. The committee to monitor day to day affairs , and periodically review and keep the ethical standards at highest point in position in the functioning and delivery of service to all stakeholders.

Membership Affairs Committee:

This committee is formed to identify potential members from financial sector and management background both salaried and independent practitioners or corporate entities in every district in 28 states and 9 Union Territories, convince them to join AFAI and help build the AFAI network in India and abroad. The idea is to build the single largest network of financial and management professionals in India to build resource for every member and help develop their business at local and national level.

Institutional Development & Alliances:

The committee is formed to develop the infrastructure of AFAI and its activities to develop AFAI as a platform of excellence for all its stakeholders . The committee to identify opportunities of alliance both domestically and internally to enter into alliances that has meaningful consequence for its members , organization and the nation.

Key Focus Area

- Organize practicing financial advisors, both individuals and business entities with a view to enable them to have a distinct identity which will help them to operate more effectively and, thereby, serve the country better and, at the same time, protect their own interest too in the larger interest of the country.

- Establish a central support and control system for the above-mentioned class of organized Financial Advisors with a view to provide them with a platform for further training and experience and learning through mutual exchanges and for establishing certain norms and exercising certain control over their operations so as to help them better serve their customers and the overall financial system of the country.

- Collaborate with the Central Government, State Governments, Institutions and the Organizations established by them with a view to help the country move towards the development of a more effective lending and recovery mechanism for the loan and advances provided by public and private banks and other non-bank financial intermediaries which cater to the needs of the savers and borrowers in the economy. Thus, a financial system can be said to play a significant role in the economic growth of the country by mobilizing the surplus funds and utilizing them effectively for productive purposes.

Each Member is Important

AFAI values each of its members. The professional advancement and economic growth is ensured through a centrally monitored robust and systematic framework executed through globally competent members at each level in a transparent and accountable environment.


Adequacy of Funds in Indian Banking & Financial System.

Nurturing a Banking Compliant Entrepreneur Community.

Benchmarking of Services for Professionals Engaged in the Value Chain.


Instruments and Means of Finance in all Forms

End to End Management Support

Policy Advisory & Engagement

Networking Support


Membership Categories

Life Member | Corporate Member | Honorary Members | Community Members | Entrepreneur Members

Why become a Member

1. Network in 28 states and 8 Union Territories in India.

2. Single Identity for the professionals in the Value Chain.

3. Global benchmarking of services for the finance sector.